Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3302 Jan 24


Good evening Commanders,

it’s a week ago since my last entry. It happened a lot but here is the last week just in a short summary. After I bought the T7 we stablished a very nice trading route between Mahimata and Yimandbin. Trading for almost 3 days straight I recieved a call from a Cmdr Midnight that there is a better and shorter trade route near HIP 106213. So I plotted the route there and refitted my Bumblebee to take even more cargo. I dropped the shield generator for more cargo and threw everything out to get a much cargo space as possible. Hell yeah, a big fat truck with nothing more than cargo space. I traded a lot and reached the 50 million marker. Now it was time to sell a couple ships.

I docked at the nearest station that sells a hauler and put the biggest frame shift drive i could get. Stripped down the T7 and jumped all the way back to Mahimata to sell the Vulture. Good bye! Thanks a lot the that ship and Cmdr Mitch Gant who thought me how to fly it and how to fight pirates. But it will not be the last Vulture I will buy. Anyway. Selling the T7 and the Vulture brought me up to the 80 Millionen.

The new ship


There she is my Python. I named her Liasis. A beautiful ship which can be put in a lot of roles. You can trade with her, fight with her, smuggle and even do mining with her. Very nice.

Since I only habe a couple millions, I was not able to do put very high expensive modules in it. The A-rated power plant for example costs around 17 million credits. But I saved a lot of money and went into Li-Yong Rui space and saved around 15 million on my expanses. For the trading I fitted beam lasers on turrets, around 224 cargo hold with a jump range of 16.5 light years. The total was then down to around 65 millione credits and I love this ship!

Back to HIP 106213 I we did some more trading jobs in a wing and earned another 20 million that day.

The Missions With The Generators


Yesterday Cmdr Midnight asked me to head over to Cubeo. Doing some other things than trading but also earning some cash! The fun way!

We jumped all the way into Aisling space and docked  at Roskam Enterprises. There we check the boards for missions that involved the destruction of a generator, linking up with the signal, downloading information and getting rid of sentries and other defense systems.  We switch through the different boards of “open”, “private” and “solo” to collect as many missions of these types. After about 10 minutes we had enough missions and launched. All mission had the same target: Metcalf Keep – a medium security station on the same planet as Roskam Enterprises.

We landed about 3 kilometers away from the station and jumped into our SRVs. Reaching the station was easy, but the damn golaith security drone was not. With the luck on our side, the drone fired a lot of rockets towards us and hit the stations defenses. These defenses then locked on to the goliath and we just watch the goliath going down. After that we destroyed the generator that powered the station defenses. Five missions got updated and I in my mind I saw the 2 million credits transferred to my account. Nice and easy.

Heading further into the centre of the station we destroyed a couple defense turrets and some sentries. Small flying defense platform, smaller than the goliath. Reaching the communication point inside Metcalf Keep we analyzed the data stream and downloaded the required mission data. Again, seven missions got updated. Another million on my account. Awesome! We drove around searching for more sentries, but we couldn’t find more. So we turned around and left the Keep behind us. Exiting the stations security area we recalled our ships and headed back to Roskam Enterprises to claim our mission money!

Long Range Smuggling


And today I have been flying a lot of light years. I was trading near HIP 106213 and Phiangre, fitted a small Cobra Mk 4 to do some bounty hunting in PSI Octantis with Cmdr Woodhead and later the day I did a long range smuggling missions from MAIA. That was around 1000ly in travel but totally worth it. Not just something you can do in an hours. It has to be planned and executed well. If not, you might end up in the middle of nowhere without any fuel left.

The LRS missions are pretty nice and I made a pack of money with 6 missions. Almost 10 million Credits in about 1.5 hours. I mean, if you get scanned it’s all over. But hey. I got heat sinks and chaff and nice silent running activated on my Python. They never even tried to scan me. For my fitting I used normal beam lasers on turrets, one chaff, one shield booster and two heat sink modules. For the rest of the modules it is easy, light as possible.

Thats the fitting for the long range smuggling. Very simple but effective. There is definitively room for improvement, but this worked out very well. I made it back home all save and without any scratches. And thats it for now!

Except this video I have here for you.  Always fly save Commanders!

o7 Cmdr Dark Dexter

Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3032 Jan 09

Elite Dangerous Log

Hello fellow Commanders,

today I have been trading slaves over slaves in Mahimata and Yimanbin. Very good. in a wing you get a lot of extra cash.

No we moved to PSI Octantis to do some bounty hunting. I parked my ASPeX for that and jumped into a brand new Vulture. Now with more firepower! Here are some photos from the first attempt.


More info will come later. Stay tuned.

Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3302 Jan 4

Elite Dangerous Log

Happy new year Commanders! This will probably the best year as an Elite pilot.The last couple days I have been pretty busy. Startet the year with more trading, some Smuggling, a lot bounty hunting, tracking wanted pilots, making new friends. But lets start slowly.

A new Ship and a New Crew


The year began with a very nice invitation to join the Mobius Group. I was flying some cargo and got in contact with some other Commanders during my flight. They told me about a great opportunity to make some money the easy way. So I agreed and parked my Type-6 at a nearby station.

The Community Goal they have been talking about is in Cherets. A system some 120Lys away from my position right now. Checking the route I said to myself “Why not! Bounty hunting in a Wing for a good cause might be worth the travel”. I took me quite some time to find the right place to buy a Vulture and the proper outfitting. But thanks to the great guys from coriolis.io and eddb.io I could buy the ship and the outfitting all in one place. Sitting in my Vulture I plotted the route to Cherets and started my engines.

Cherets Community Goal

Arriving in Cherets I heaed to Buckey Hub to sign up for the community goal “MORE BANG FOR BUCK” and “GOING OUT WITH A BANG”. My Vulture does not have any cargo space so I winged up with other members of the Mobius group and went to LFT 214 to do some bounty hunting at a local check point. This time we are not going to a RES because of the community goal. For the CG we have to deal with the ships at the checkpoint because only those count against the CG goal.

Beside LFT 214 we also did some hunting in LTT 11 and and. These a very nice system with low to high and hazardous RES locations. You are free to give me a com-call and we can wing up and do some nice hunting in the belts.

Vulture Configuration

Vulture Configuration

Fireworks from Anduliga

A day later, my new friends were still sleeping. I made one jump to Liu Huang to buy myself a nice Diamondback Scout with 16t cargo space at the McDivitt Dock to work on the second CG. Fighting alone is boring and because the Celsius Station in the Anduliga system is more than 650.000 Ls away (roughly a 15 min flight). It’s the perfect route to finish some paperwork I have putting off for a long time now. With the extra fuel tank I am able to go the fast rout without fuel scooping. Nice!

At the end it was still a good thing to do. I was able to deliver 72t of cargo. Would be one more, but I have been interdicted by this damn pirate who instantly disabled my thrusters. Having no shields is not a very idea. I had to eject all my cargo. After that – I was standing still in space – he rammed be with his ship blowing me up! What a pity.

Nevertheless I delivered 72t of fireworks to Buckey Hub and moved up the ladder into the top 30%. That will yield 5 million credits at the end of the CG. Not bad. Could have earned more money with bounty hunting, but this was lazy and easy work.

Bounty Hunting in Borr

I woke yesterday and had an urgent message in my mailbox. Two friends are in need of my help in Borr. A system about 60 Ly from my current position. So I plotted my route and started the engines. Regarding the system map, I do not need to scoop fuel on my way. It will be a fast 5 jump trip. The message was written in haste, so I do not exactly now what they want, but it contained “help” a couple times. So I better hurry up.

I reached Borr without any interruption. Immediately send out a broadcast to reach my friends. I couldn’t see them online in my communications panel. After a couple seconds I heard something that sounded like my friend. He was calling out for Haz-Rez-Borr 5. Ok my friend, here I come! Turned around, locked the target and gave full speed. The Vulture can be pretty fast when I need her. Good ship!

I reached the HAZ-RES and got into a fight in that moment I came out of supercruise. Damn it. Where do all these pirates come from? Or wait. No not pirates. They were Feds and they were attacking my friends. WTF is going on here?

I send out an encrypted message to one of the Cmdr’s, asking what’s going on. He replyed with “help help help”. I told me, that I am not willed to attack the Feds. They are green and allied. I convinced him and the other Cmdr to jump out and wait a little bit. Phu, that was close. I dont know why they have tried to fight the Feds with a Cobra MKIII and a SideWinder. But hell knows what happened before. Talking to the Feds that all the things are some sort of miscommunication, I was able to handle the situation. The security forces accepted my apology and flew away. I contacted my friends again and told him what I achieved.

In the end it was a great day. We continued with our protection of of the miners and made some 800k Cr each. It was a nice day to hang out with friends I just met two days ago. Thanks go to CMDR FunGas, CMDR Cyka Blyat Blaster, CMDR HTE_MattyD and Mama Midnight for the musical entertainment.

My next goals


My next goal is an ASP Explorer with A-rate components of course. Beginning next weekend I would like to go out and do some exploration and scanning. First in the nearby systems and then moving slowly towards some unexplored systems out of human reach. Keep up!

Oh and, I almost forgot to tell you. I got a strange message today. I think they got in contact with me because I posted my job offer on the bulletin boards. I will answer this and let you know, maybe, what it is about.

Fly save and be happy!