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Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3302 Jan 17


Hello Commanders,

Dark Dexter back in town. I was pretty busy the last days. But now I have some time to write something up. The last 4 days I have been trading only a little bit. Most of the time I headed to the Mahimata HIGHRES to do bounty hunting with my comrade woodhead01. Until yesterday.

Yesterday both of us bought a Type-7 Transporter. And we love it! It has a lot cargo capacity (212 tons) and a decent jump range of 17.04Ly laden. I like it. Its big, its slow, its not that handy, but I like it.

So after claiming all the tasty bounty and buying the Type-7 I decided to join the Aisling Duval faction and do some work for her. The whole day I am trading Palladium from HIP 31??? to L. (keeping my secret trade route). Very profitable. A round trip takes about 20 minutes and I get about 650.000 Cr per loop. Not the best route, but worth if you trade the Aisling Media Materials.

What I exactly  do? I take Mineral Extractors and about 20-50 Aisling Media Materials. You can wait at the station for the Media to show up again, 30min timer, or pay 100.000 Cr to get another 10 Media Materials (on Level 0). The plot the route, 4 jumps to go, and start engines! On arrival I hand over the Media Material and sell the Mineral Extractors. Immediately  buy Palladium for around 12650 Cr per ton. While launch process is going, I plotmy route back to L. If you train a little bit, you can get this loop done in less than 20 minutes. This yields in about 1.9mil Cr/hr. As I said, not the best one, but worth doing.


Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3301 Dec 31

Elite Dangerous Log

Hello Commanders,

this will be the last entry. At least for this year, ha!

I was flying a lot of cargo around the last days and made around 13 Million Credits. Pretty good when you think, that you smuggle and transport a lot of slaves from A to B for the Empire. My ultimate goal will be the Cutter. But thats still a very long way to go.

Now I am flying some trading missions again. Not much done in fighting. But when I have reached my goal of 20 Million, I will buy myself a very nice Vulture with proper fitting. And then I will boost my reputation and my fighting rank as fast as possible.


But all that stuff is planned for 3302. And now I will lean back and enjoy a very nice track while I enjoy the nice view from my cockpit.

Update 1:

Finished mission one of two from LHS 1122. Now I have to find Gallium and deliver it to the Novitski Mines (Arngi) – again!


And of course. Do not forget to check the market. Never fly empty! Always fill your cargo up to the max. Even the smallest profit is profit!

Gallium is needed for the next trip. I can buy it cheap here … and sell it for high price at Novitski Mines (Arngi). Never fly empty!


I hope it is the last station to visit. If so, I can head back to LHS 1122 to collect my payment and start trading some slaves again. Or I head over to Cheret and help out with NewYear Firework Delivery.

Update 2:

Finished the second mission. Now heading back to LHS 1122 to get my payment finally.



Always have a save trip. See you next year!

Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3301 Dec 21


Hello traders and fighters,

just yesterday it happend that my ships interface and everything around me got upgraded to a new system. I have now this „orbital ladning“ thing installed on my ship. Sounds interesting. I think I can land now on the stations that are installed on the planets. The system states „HORIZON“ now installed. Very nice! To land on the surface and to explore it, I think I have to buy such an SRV or something. I will do that later. For now I have to finish my contracts.

In fact, I cannot finish my contract. I have to get rid of about 50 tons of Palladium. I accidently deleted the contract and kept the cargo. Now I have this penalty of 500.000 Cr! WTF! How does that come? The new interface is still a bit laggy, so I pressed the wrong button. Damn it! How do I get away with all that cargo? For sure, I will NOT drop it. I will find a blackmarket and sell it, and then pay this fine. Ok, lets get off the station and head to Rotanev. A system with some blackmarkets in it.

Two hours later.

I made it save to Rotanev and to the Station with the Blackmarket. But, unfortunatelly, I got scanned short before arriving on station. Another freakin‘ 230.000 Cr fine on me. OMG! Why why why? aarggggghhhh! „But hey, I am fine. I can handle this. Calm down!“ am I talking to myself.

I sold the palladium and mad around 600.000 Cr and was able to undock without any other scanning and more fines. I will not come back to this system for the next 14 days. I hope so. But I have to get back to Russel Station and pay my fine.

After arriving at Russel station and paying my fine, I headed over to LHS 3447 and jumped into my Type-6. Good old boy, this transport ship. Sold the weapons, fitted some point-defenses on it, and a better FSD to get a better jump range. I will have to do some trading now to get earn some money.  I am planning to buy a Vulture the in the next days to do some bounty hunting with a friend.

And this is the route I will be flying the next couple hours to earn some good credits. See you  on one of the stations.


Darkdexter signing off!

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Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3301 Dec 13

Elite: Dangerous Cmdr's Log

Followup: Stardate 3301-Dec-12

Welcome Cmdr,

yesterday (Stardate 3301-Dec-12) I was able to meet again with Cmdr Shadow1101. He told me that with mining you can make a lot of money, but you have to have a decent ship. I thought I have a decent ship. The Type-6 freighter is a good ship for mining. But my first try in the mining business was not so profitable. So I went back to station to buy myself another ship.

Shadow1101 suggested to buy a Cobra MK III and outfit it. A very nice all-rounder ship. Some cargo space and good weapon slots. So I went to Worlidge Terminal in LHS 3447 to buy a Cobra MK III.


The outfitting is really basic. Hardpoints are 2 x Burst Laser F2 (Gimballed), 2 x Multi-Cannon F1 (Stationary), Kill Warrent Scanner and a Shield Booster. Internal first thing I upgraded was the Military Grade Composite bulkheads. Better armor is always better. Got a better power plant which I was able to upgrade to C4 on Wholer Terminal in  Kremainn. Everything else is D rating or C rating. I will upgrade so parts when I can and the money is available.

After fitting my Cobra MK3 we went to Kremainn to do some bounty hunting. Targeting pirates in the metal rich rings of Kremainn 2. Flying there was pretty easy. But we had some problems dropping out of supercruise. Finally we made it to a nice mining spot with some miners and and took not too long for pirates to show up.

ED - Bounty Hunting Redeeming Shadow in his Python was taking the tank role and I with my Cobra did some targeting practice. In about one and a half hours we made around half a million credits in bounty. The screenshot shows the second time I docked on station. Pretty nice and easy work. After claiming my bounty I logged out to get some rest.


Stardate 3301-Dec-13

Today I was pretty lazy. I tried to do finish my mission in Frigaha with the pirate hunting. But I found only one damn pirate! How come? Yesterday they where all over the place. Maybe its Sunday and they don’t do hunting on Sundays I don’t know. So I might skip this contract.

But, while hunting the pirates I found a convoy at an unknown site. One of the Type-9 Freighters was a wanted person. This time the warrent scanner was a good investment. As soon as I started scanning him he pulled the trigger and tried to escape. But I was prepared.

I released my hardpoints and started chasing him. I opened fire and he was trying to get away. But not with me. I managed it to kill his shield and started to fire with the multi-cannons to break through his armor. Left, right, boost and more. But I was able to be always behind and above him. He was not able to shot at me because I was able to be behind and above him all the time!  At about 15 percent hull he released a bunch of cargo containers and jumped away. Damn! 120.000 Cr worth of bounty was gone. But the containers were worth some money. Was able to sell that stuff at the Blackmarket on Lawson Orbital. 17,240 Cr is not much, but OK to pay all repair and fuel costs.

I am writing this while I am on the way to Athium in the Mjolnir System to deliver a 5 tons of something. I don’t know what it is. Contract worth 93.000 Cr and only 6 jumps. Easy way of earning some credits.

I am close to Athium, so signing off here. See you in space.

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Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3301 Dec 12

Elite:Dangerous Log. Diese Beiträge werden hauptsächlich in Englisch verfasst. Viel Spaß beim Lesen.

Elite: Dangerous Cmdr's Log

Welcome to my ED:Log Cmdr,

Today I will do a lot of trading and delivery contracts. First contract is a delivery one of important trading data to Fairbairn Station (LHS 3447). I have also accepted a contract to buy animal meat in a nearby system for the Gidzenko Station in Chamunda. So I travelled to Fairnbairn Station ( LHS 3447) with some crop harvesters to sell. Around 110.000 Ls in LHS 3447 to go. On my way it was possible for me to escape an interception. Glad! My piloting skills are getting better and better every day.

Those crop harvesters will make around 40k Cr profit. Not much but always better than flying with a big empty Type-6 through space and time. Oh and I cannot say „thank you“ enough times to Cmdr Shadow1101 who gave a little starting credit. Thanks Bro!

After a long boring (except that one interdict try) I reached Fairbairn Station. And was able to deliver the democrats trading data just in time. Only 2.100 Cr worth, but I gained lot of reputation with the Democrats of Chamunda. Could be worth some time. I have not sold the crop harvesters here, because at Dalton the price is still better.

Still on the station I accepted another contract „No Weekend Without“. Funny title for 9 tons of wine trade request. I is soled in the Dalton Gateway station same system 20h+ to deliver some wine inside the same system? Hell yeah! I will take this contract and now, back to space.

Made it to Dalton Gateway, safe! Another interdict try. These freakin‘ pirates are getting more and more aggressive in the past couple days. Wonder if the news are already writing about it. Will check the GALNET later when taking the wine back to Fairbairn.

Made almost 40k Cr with the crop harvesters. Thats 4k more than on Fairbairn. Also buying the wine for 162 Cr each. That will be a nice and easy job with good income. And of course, I have not forgotten to buy the 2t animal meat for Chamunda.

I will close here for today. I will make my fly to Fairbairn, buy some palladium and then to Chamunda. Routes planned so far are:
– Gidzenko Station (Chamunda) Marine Parts
– Ackerman Market (Eravate) sell Marine Parts / buy Coffee
– Dalton Station (LHS 3447) deliver Coffee and sell Coffee / buy Fruits and Vegetables
– Gidzinko Station (Chamunda) deviler Fruits and Vegetables

See you in space Cmdr!
Income today:
– Wine Contract: 23.000 Cr
– Wine sold: 13.000 Cr
– Palladium trade: 130.000 Cr
– Animal Meat Contract: 18.300 Cr
– Total: ca. 184.000 Cr

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