Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3032 Jan 09

Elite Dangerous Log

Hello fellow Commanders,

today I have been trading slaves over slaves in Mahimata and Yimanbin. Very good. in a wing you get a lot of extra cash.

No we moved to PSI Octantis to do some bounty hunting. I parked my ASPeX for that and jumped into a brand new Vulture. Now with more firepower! Here are some photos from the first attempt.


More info will come later. Stay tuned.

Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3301 Dec 31

Elite Dangerous Log

Hello Commanders,

this will be the last entry. At least for this year, ha!

I was flying a lot of cargo around the last days and made around 13 Million Credits. Pretty good when you think, that you smuggle and transport a lot of slaves from A to B for the Empire. My ultimate goal will be the Cutter. But thats still a very long way to go.

Now I am flying some trading missions again. Not much done in fighting. But when I have reached my goal of 20 Million, I will buy myself a very nice Vulture with proper fitting. And then I will boost my reputation and my fighting rank as fast as possible.


But all that stuff is planned for 3302. And now I will lean back and enjoy a very nice track while I enjoy the nice view from my cockpit.

Update 1:

Finished mission one of two from LHS 1122. Now I have to find Gallium and deliver it to the Novitski Mines (Arngi) – again!


And of course. Do not forget to check the market. Never fly empty! Always fill your cargo up to the max. Even the smallest profit is profit!

Gallium is needed for the next trip. I can buy it cheap here … and sell it for high price at Novitski Mines (Arngi). Never fly empty!


I hope it is the last station to visit. If so, I can head back to LHS 1122 to collect my payment and start trading some slaves again. Or I head over to Cheret and help out with NewYear Firework Delivery.

Update 2:

Finished the second mission. Now heading back to LHS 1122 to get my payment finally.



Always have a save trip. See you next year!