New York City und das Corona Virus

A Season of Grief and Release: 5 Months of the Virus in New York City. A photographic timeline of a historic half-year. Photographs by Daniel Arnold, Text by Dodai Stewart

The restaurant was empty, save for two other tables. Spoons slid through our dessert, split three ways. We were anxious but determined to enjoy it, somehow. It was March 10, and the coronavirus had just hit New York City. We laughed, but with worry in our brows and the preamble of panic in our eyes. The next day, I packed up my desk at work: the computer, the mouse, the keyboard. I left the giant monitor and two boxes of Girl Scout cookies behind.

Eine krasse Geschichte über die Stadt die niemals schläft als sie sich dann doch mal schlafen legte. New York City fotografiert von Daniel Arnold.

The city has changed, the people have changed. The country has changed. The world has changed. We walk outside masked, coated in a residue of terror and grief.

Nicht nur NYC hat sich verändert. Auch hier in Deutschland, den Niederlanden und Europa hat sich vieles verändert. Und es wird noch eine sehr lange Zeit so bleiben.