Elite Dangerous Log

Hello Commanders,

With the help of my friends Cmdr Woodhead01 and Cmdr Pierre Chevalier I was able to buy a Python and finally fit it for bounty hunting. Bat that was last week. The new goal is to catch up with the Distant Worlds Expedition. To do so I bought my self a new ASP Explorer with the (almost) perfect outfitting for the exploration task.

Cmdr Woodhead and I did some exploration training to the Pleiades Nebula and we got some really amazing pictures from there. I will continue tomorrow with some more exploration of the key systems of the Pleiades Nebula. On Monday then I will take my knowledge and I hope I can make it to catch up with the guys of the Distant Worlds Expedition.

Here are some of the amazing pictures:

The original Pictures in HighRes (6000+ pixels) can be viewed here: Elite: Dangerous Exploration 3302016