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Tag: 17. Januar 2016

#Musik #Video Yello – The Race

Yello The Race Carrera Mix Original [FULL HD] [1080p] [HQ]

(Bei einem Klick wird das Video von Youtube eingebettet. Es gelten die Datenschutzerklärungen von Google.)

Wie oft habe ich das in meiner Jugend gehört. Sehr geiler Track!

Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3302 Jan 17


Hello Commanders,

Dark Dexter back in town. I was pretty busy the last days. But now I have some time to write something up. The last 4 days I have been trading only a little bit. Most of the time I headed to the Mahimata HIGHRES to do bounty hunting with my comrade woodhead01. Until yesterday.

Yesterday both of us bought a Type-7 Transporter. And we love it! It has a lot cargo capacity (212 tons) and a decent jump range of 17.04Ly laden. I like it. Its big, its slow, its not that handy, but I like it.

So after claiming all the tasty bounty and buying the Type-7 I decided to join the Aisling Duval faction and do some work for her. The whole day I am trading Palladium from HIP 31??? to L. (keeping my secret trade route). Very profitable. A round trip takes about 20 minutes and I get about 650.000 Cr per loop. Not the best route, but worth if you trade the Aisling Media Materials.

What I exactly  do? I take Mineral Extractors and about 20-50 Aisling Media Materials. You can wait at the station for the Media to show up again, 30min timer, or pay 100.000 Cr to get another 10 Media Materials (on Level 0). The plot the route, 4 jumps to go, and start engines! On arrival I hand over the Media Material and sell the Mineral Extractors. Immediately  buy Palladium for around 12650 Cr per ton. While launch process is going, I plotmy route back to L. If you train a little bit, you can get this loop done in less than 20 minutes. This yields in about 1.9mil Cr/hr. As I said, not the best one, but worth doing.


Lesenswerte Links KW2-2016

Moin Moin,

etwas spät und meiner Erkältung geschuldet. Leider habe ich nicht so viele Links sammeln können, da die Woche schon sehr anstrengend war und ich eigentlich wenig gelesen habe und mehr mit Bumblebee unterwegs war. Ich versuche es trotzdem mal.


Andere Wochenrückblicke


Tja, und das war es auch schon. Es kommt nur noch ein Beitrag zum ED-Log und dann ist die Woche bzw. der Sonntag auch schon wieder gegessen. Ich werde dann mal meine Erkältung auskurieren.

Bis die Tage!

#Video #Musik Liquid Drum and Bass am Sonntag Morgen

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