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Tag: 13. Januar 2016

Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3302 Jan 13

Elite Dangerous Log

I woke up, got a shower and prepared breakfast before I sad down in my pilot chair. Checking the messages and the bulletin boards I saw this emergency call from woodhead. A nice commander I met a couple years ago. 

He was somehow stranded in Venette with a lot of bounty on his head. Again! I started my engines and requested launch permission. While flying out of the station I replied with “ On my way“.  

Around an hour later I reached Venette and found him. He asked me to shot his ship and I asked „why“? He said, if you „kill me“ aka destroying my ship, all bounty on his head will be deleted. But also his unclaimed bounties will reset. 

So, long story short: I destroyed his ship, he was cleared and everyone was fine. As the matter of fact, shooting at a friend is not good. It doesn’t feel right. But, I got promoted for that. What a pity


After this he wanted to earn some and we started clearing the compromised navigation beacon. 

Google Street Maps im Hamburger Miniatur Wunderland

Minatur Wunderland Google Street Maps

Google ist immer wieder für eine Überraschung gut. Das Team von Google Street Maps hat kleine Fahrzeuge und Züge nachgebaut und mit Kameras ausgestattet und durch das Miniatur Wunderland fahren lassen. So kann man die wunderbare Welt mit all ihrer Liebe zum Detail auch mal aus der Perspektive der Figuren betrachten Ein Blickwinkel, der so bisher noch nicht möglich war.

Google Maps Link: http://www.g.co/miniaturwunderland

Quelle: Engadget

#Video Fuel Rats: Case Red (Elite: Dangerous)

Fuel Rats: Case Red (Elite: Dangerous)

(Bei einem Klick wird das Video von Youtube eingebettet. Es gelten die Datenschutzerklärungen von Google.)

Danke Fuel Rats!

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