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Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3301 Dec 28

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Good Morning Commanders,

the last days were pretty slow and silent. Even here in space we celebrate a little bit of christmas. Unfortunatelly we do not have any trees left. AFAIK there are only a couple planets where trees still grow, but I haven’t found one yet. My checklist of things to do in my life has still the entry of visiting the Sol-system one day and to fly by or even land on Earth. But thats a point in the future I will get to someday, hopefully. But back to business… this will be a long entry.

Smuggling Slaves to GALIANO ENTERPRISE

A couple days ago I was doing some smuggling missions. Unfortunatlly, my system is still set to German language, for what ever reason. Need to fix this soon. But hey, 700.000 Cr for a simple discreet delivery to GALIANO ENTERPRISE in DJIRBALNGAN was easily done. None of the Feds scanned me or talked to me. Looks like I am a trustworthy trader! My reputation also increased a lot. Smuggling slaves for christmas. What a pity!


After another jump to SEQUICHS I quickly docked on GODEL STATION and handed over the 15 slaves for some weird people. Sometimes I think, you should not do this, but the I remember this old movie I saw. The plot was about a guy delivering stuff without asking any questions. He had three rules he always follows.

  • Rule Number 1: Once the deal is made, it is final.
  • Rule Number 2: No names!
  • Rule Number 3: Never open the package.

I liked the guy in the movie so I follow his rules too. Slaves, ok, but the cargo box is closed, they probably have food and water. As long as I don’t eject them into space, everything is fine.


After these two deliveries, i still had this cargo left to a station on a planet in the HR 8212 system. But as you can see in the screenshot above, the destination is not there. I was flying around and pressing the button on my scanner, but no other planets showed up. So I contacted some people via intercom if they can sell me the system data. But no one ever visited this system either.

After another 60 minutes of flying through space scanning and talking I jumped to an adjacent system to buy the advanced scanner. Freaking 1.5 million credits. All my hard-earned money gone. For an advanced scanner with an infinite range to find the planet with the damn station where a delivery has to go only 40.000 Cr worth. But hey, that’s what you do as a delivery guy. And, sticking to the rules: „A deal is a deal and once made, it is final“.

Equipped with the 1.500.000 Cr Advanced Scanner I headed back to HR 8212 and pressed the button. And then BAAMMM – there they are: another 11 astronomical objects found. I immediatly opened my system map and starred at the number: 3.000,56 Ls away. How would I ever be able to find this without the advanced scanner? No way. Setting the destination I engaged supercruise and made it to the station safely without any interruptions.

HR 8212

After all this trading check my log and everything was done. So I decied for my self to take some time off and relax a little bit. Another job offer will come, for sure.

3301 Dec 27

The last days were really very relaxing and the message from Cmdr Black Jack came just in time. Being tired of trading I accepted his offer to join him in LTT 15574 to do some bounty hunting. I took of from Petaja Landing and planned my route to LHS 3447 to pick up my Cobra MKIII. I know, I know, still not the best ship, but good enough to stay behind a Python and to help lowering the shields of our targets. Around an hour later I was sitting in my nice and cozy Cobra flying to LTT 15574.

I met Black Jack near Haxel Port waiting for me. We agreed to go hunting in one of the dangerous resource extraction sites. Because I was busy fighting and staying out of trouble, I do not have many pictures to show. But here are a few from our first run.

The attack on Trickx Dark was a total letdown. All of a sudden we got attacked by not only the other 4 ships in his wing, almost every ship started attacking us. My shield was gone in no time and with a lot of luck, I was able to activate supercruise and got out of the mining site as quickly as possible. My Cobra looked more like a flying metal pancake than a space ship as I docked on MARCONI SURVEY. After I paid the mechanics for the repair, I walked over to the bar to meet my contact to call for my bounty.

All repairs done, all bounty collected I headed back to the mining site. Black Jack also managed to get out of the fight. His Python being a more robust than my cobra, he only got a couple scratches. Dropping out of supercruise at the dangerouse RES we immediatelly engaged some pirates and made a lot bounty.


After another 60 minutes we headed back to Marconi to take a rest and to collect our bounty. In the meantime I got promoted to Newcomer. Another step to become an elite fighter!


Landing on Planets

To get some rest and to get the sound of popping spaceships out of my head, we decided to buy the Planetary Vehicle Hangar and go on exploration. Landing on planets is as easy as docking on stations. If you have found a good landing site, bring your ship horizontally and land softly on the ground. Do not forget to release your landing gear!

Driving the Scarab on the planet is fun and there is a lot to see. If you find something to look at. The planet we visited only had dust and some very small rocks. We found only three spots of interest. A few stones which we could shoot to recover the materials contained.


But hey, doing this for the first time, we did pretty well. At least me. Black Jack hit some bigger stones and destroyed his Scarab. But luckily, he always wake up in your ship!

I will now head back to a station where they can fix my language problem with the HUD.

See you in Space Cmdr’s

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