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Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3301 Dec 21

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Hello traders and fighters,

just yesterday it happend that my ships interface and everything around me got upgraded to a new system. I have now this „orbital ladning“ thing installed on my ship. Sounds interesting. I think I can land now on the stations that are installed on the planets. The system states „HORIZON“ now installed. Very nice! To land on the surface and to explore it, I think I have to buy such an SRV or something. I will do that later. For now I have to finish my contracts.

In fact, I cannot finish my contract. I have to get rid of about 50 tons of Palladium. I accidently deleted the contract and kept the cargo. Now I have this penalty of 500.000 Cr! WTF! How does that come? The new interface is still a bit laggy, so I pressed the wrong button. Damn it! How do I get away with all that cargo? For sure, I will NOT drop it. I will find a blackmarket and sell it, and then pay this fine. Ok, lets get off the station and head to Rotanev. A system with some blackmarkets in it.

Two hours later.

I made it save to Rotanev and to the Station with the Blackmarket. But, unfortunatelly, I got scanned short before arriving on station. Another freakin‘ 230.000 Cr fine on me. OMG! Why why why? aarggggghhhh! „But hey, I am fine. I can handle this. Calm down!“ am I talking to myself.

I sold the palladium and mad around 600.000 Cr and was able to undock without any other scanning and more fines. I will not come back to this system for the next 14 days. I hope so. But I have to get back to Russel Station and pay my fine.

After arriving at Russel station and paying my fine, I headed over to LHS 3447 and jumped into my Type-6. Good old boy, this transport ship. Sold the weapons, fitted some point-defenses on it, and a better FSD to get a better jump range. I will have to do some trading now to get earn some money.  I am planning to buy a Vulture the in the next days to do some bounty hunting with a friend.

And this is the route I will be flying the next couple hours to earn some good credits. See you  on one of the stations.


Darkdexter signing off!

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