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Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3301 Dec 17

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Elite: Dangerous Cmdr's Log

Good Day Commanders,

I was not able to get out of Aubakirov Orbital until now. I got stuck because of some bounty on my head. Two days ago I was chasing this idiot through a couple systems and no chance of getting him, I though. But lucky me, he finally docked on a station in the Dakshu system. So I waited in front of the station for him to chase him down.

After a couple hours he came out and headed to a star with metal rings near by. „This is my chance – now I will get you and the big bounty on your head. When you jump into the ring I will blow up your ship“ But what I have not thought about was, that he was in an Orca. Big, ship with lots of armor. He had no shield, but lots of armor.

Anyway I followed him into the metal ring and started attacking him once he tried to mine some asteroids. And all of a sudden, two guys showed up. Only in sidewinders, but pretty good and deadly. That targeted my weapons and my engine. WTH! „I have to get out of here“ was the only thing I can remember. So I slowed down a little bit, did a 180° turn and pressed the boost button as fast as I could.

Shields were gone pretty fast, and they tried to break my armor. Glad that I invested in this  military grade armor. It saved my ship and my life! But because this guy was not a pirated and not wanted, only my contact wants him dead, I got a bounty on my head. Damn it. So I had to escape the systems and after a couple jumps I got save to Frigaha.


I got some rest in Frigaha and waited for the bounty to drop. Unfortunately the bounty stays for around 14 days. But I cannot sit here and do nothing for 14 days. I pulled up the bulletin boards and immediately I saw this very nice high priced contract: „Deliver 6 pcs of Coltan to Worlidge Terminal in LHS 3447“ Easy! I accepted and got of the station. Only one jump and easy money! Jumping to LHS 3447 and traveling to Worlidge Terminal was very quite. No one intercepted me, no one even talked to me. I checked again that Worlidge Terminal also sells Coltan. And yes, I can buy Colton on the station where I have to deliver the stuff. Pretty easy, huh?


So I docked, bought 6 Coltan for around 7500 Cr and finished the contracted with 113.000 Cr. But then I realized that it was not a one hop delivery contract. I had to deliver multiple things to multiple systems. Damn it! I should read the damn thing more in depth before I accept another contract of this type.

Actually this must have been introduced to Galnet just recently. I have to check the system everyday to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Signing off for today and continuing with the freight specialist contract. See you soon.

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