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Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3301 Dec 17 – followup

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Elite: Dangerous Cmdr's Log

Good evening – again,

I finished my freight contract successfully. I made 161.000 Cr. Ok Ok, I had to buy all the commodities on my own. But still, with some additional trading – no one wants to fly with empty cargo space – I made a little bit more than 161.000 Cr. Good job but quite a lot of traveling. But hey, thats what a space trucker ist for, or? (I think, this is what people call you, space trucker, when you just carry stuff from A to B and C the D and back.)


Anyway, I made it. I also found another nice contract. Have a look:


Isn’t that nice? And, of course, short before reaching Russel Ring I was attacked by Thomas „I will kill you and take your cargo“. Phhu what a harmless pirate it was. I was first on my way to boost away and the jump, but no – not this time! I pulled the trigger, deployed my laser banks and turned around in a hard 180 degree fast turn. Releasing everything I have on him, his shields just blew away in a matter of milliseconds. Then penetrating his armor with my multi-cannons. „Hahahaha“ I was shouting. „Take this and this and this“ and all of a sudden my computer tells me „FSD detected“ – No no no, not someone again I tought and press the trigger hard that my knuckles turned white. – I thought I heard his last words, something like „I knew I should have stayed home today“ – Bad luck for you boy.

Russel Station


The last couple light seconds to Russel Ring were then a no brainer. Requested docking permission, landed on pad 34 and handed the Gold to my partners. BAM! Another 150.000 Cr on my bank account.

Thats enough for today, and remember: don’t drink and fly!

c’ya in space Cmdrs!

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