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Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3301 Dec 13

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Elite: Dangerous Cmdr's Log

Followup: Stardate 3301-Dec-12

Welcome Cmdr,

yesterday (Stardate 3301-Dec-12) I was able to meet again with Cmdr Shadow1101. He told me that with mining you can make a lot of money, but you have to have a decent ship. I thought I have a decent ship. The Type-6 freighter is a good ship for mining. But my first try in the mining business was not so profitable. So I went back to station to buy myself another ship.

Shadow1101 suggested to buy a Cobra MK III and outfit it. A very nice all-rounder ship. Some cargo space and good weapon slots. So I went to Worlidge Terminal in LHS 3447 to buy a Cobra MK III.


The outfitting is really basic. Hardpoints are 2 x Burst Laser F2 (Gimballed), 2 x Multi-Cannon F1 (Stationary), Kill Warrent Scanner and a Shield Booster. Internal first thing I upgraded was the Military Grade Composite bulkheads. Better armor is always better. Got a better power plant which I was able to upgrade to C4 on Wholer Terminal in  Kremainn. Everything else is D rating or C rating. I will upgrade so parts when I can and the money is available.

After fitting my Cobra MK3 we went to Kremainn to do some bounty hunting. Targeting pirates in the metal rich rings of Kremainn 2. Flying there was pretty easy. But we had some problems dropping out of supercruise. Finally we made it to a nice mining spot with some miners and and took not too long for pirates to show up.

ED - Bounty Hunting Redeeming Shadow in his Python was taking the tank role and I with my Cobra did some targeting practice. In about one and a half hours we made around half a million credits in bounty. The screenshot shows the second time I docked on station. Pretty nice and easy work. After claiming my bounty I logged out to get some rest.


Stardate 3301-Dec-13

Today I was pretty lazy. I tried to do finish my mission in Frigaha with the pirate hunting. But I found only one damn pirate! How come? Yesterday they where all over the place. Maybe its Sunday and they don’t do hunting on Sundays I don’t know. So I might skip this contract.

But, while hunting the pirates I found a convoy at an unknown site. One of the Type-9 Freighters was a wanted person. This time the warrent scanner was a good investment. As soon as I started scanning him he pulled the trigger and tried to escape. But I was prepared.

I released my hardpoints and started chasing him. I opened fire and he was trying to get away. But not with me. I managed it to kill his shield and started to fire with the multi-cannons to break through his armor. Left, right, boost and more. But I was able to be always behind and above him. He was not able to shot at me because I was able to be behind and above him all the time!  At about 15 percent hull he released a bunch of cargo containers and jumped away. Damn! 120.000 Cr worth of bounty was gone. But the containers were worth some money. Was able to sell that stuff at the Blackmarket on Lawson Orbital. 17,240 Cr is not much, but OK to pay all repair and fuel costs.

I am writing this while I am on the way to Athium in the Mjolnir System to deliver a 5 tons of something. I don’t know what it is. Contract worth 93.000 Cr and only 6 jumps. Easy way of earning some credits.

I am close to Athium, so signing off here. See you in space.

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