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Elite: Dangerous – Stardate 3301 Dec 12

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Elite:Dangerous Log. Diese Beiträge werden hauptsächlich in Englisch verfasst. Viel Spaß beim Lesen.

Elite: Dangerous Cmdr's Log

Welcome to my ED:Log Cmdr,

Today I will do a lot of trading and delivery contracts. First contract is a delivery one of important trading data to Fairbairn Station (LHS 3447). I have also accepted a contract to buy animal meat in a nearby system for the Gidzenko Station in Chamunda. So I travelled to Fairnbairn Station ( LHS 3447) with some crop harvesters to sell. Around 110.000 Ls in LHS 3447 to go. On my way it was possible for me to escape an interception. Glad! My piloting skills are getting better and better every day.

Those crop harvesters will make around 40k Cr profit. Not much but always better than flying with a big empty Type-6 through space and time. Oh and I cannot say „thank you“ enough times to Cmdr Shadow1101 who gave a little starting credit. Thanks Bro!

After a long boring (except that one interdict try) I reached Fairbairn Station. And was able to deliver the democrats trading data just in time. Only 2.100 Cr worth, but I gained lot of reputation with the Democrats of Chamunda. Could be worth some time. I have not sold the crop harvesters here, because at Dalton the price is still better.

Still on the station I accepted another contract „No Weekend Without“. Funny title for 9 tons of wine trade request. I is soled in the Dalton Gateway station same system 20h+ to deliver some wine inside the same system? Hell yeah! I will take this contract and now, back to space.

Made it to Dalton Gateway, safe! Another interdict try. These freakin‘ pirates are getting more and more aggressive in the past couple days. Wonder if the news are already writing about it. Will check the GALNET later when taking the wine back to Fairbairn.

Made almost 40k Cr with the crop harvesters. Thats 4k more than on Fairbairn. Also buying the wine for 162 Cr each. That will be a nice and easy job with good income. And of course, I have not forgotten to buy the 2t animal meat for Chamunda.

I will close here for today. I will make my fly to Fairbairn, buy some palladium and then to Chamunda. Routes planned so far are:
– Gidzenko Station (Chamunda) Marine Parts
– Ackerman Market (Eravate) sell Marine Parts / buy Coffee
– Dalton Station (LHS 3447) deliver Coffee and sell Coffee / buy Fruits and Vegetables
– Gidzinko Station (Chamunda) deviler Fruits and Vegetables

See you in space Cmdr!
Income today:
– Wine Contract: 23.000 Cr
– Wine sold: 13.000 Cr
– Palladium trade: 130.000 Cr
– Animal Meat Contract: 18.300 Cr
– Total: ca. 184.000 Cr

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