Scalevo – The Stairclimbing Wheelchair

Scalevo – The Stairclimbing Wheelchair

One year ago a fellow student and I were drinking and he was drawing weird wheelchairs

Und das hier ist dabei herausgekommen

Die Beschreibung vom Video:

The scalevo wheelchair is a student project started in Summer 2014. 

The wheelchair is electric powered and balances on two wheels while driving on even ground. To climb stairs or overcome bigger obstacles a set of tracks can be lowered dynamically to keep the user level at all times.

The speed in the video can be increased in further iterations. 

More info on our project website:

We are a group of 10 students. 7 mechanical engineers 1 electrical engineer and 2 industrial designers. We study at ETH Zürich / ZhdK.


Weiterhin viel Erfolg!

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