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Alle Zahlen der Apple Keynote 2014

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WWDC 2014

Federico ist wie immer einer der schnellsten!

Hier die Zahlen (shamless copy :-)) der Apple Keynote 2014 – Danke Federico @viticci

We’ve compiled the most important numbers from Apple’s WWDC 2014 keynote below.

  • Milestone year for WWDC: 25th anniversary of the conference. It started in 1990 with 1300 developers
  • Over 1000 Apple engineers available at WWDC
  • Attendees from 69 countries; 70% of them are first-time attendees
  • Youngest developer in the audience is 13 years-old
  • Over 9 million registered developers, up 47% from last year
  • Mac installed base has now reached 80 million
  • 40 million copies of OS X Mavericks have been installed, most successful release in OS X history
  • 51% of Mac installed base in on Mavericks, fastest adoption ever for Apple
  • 800 million iOS devices have been sold to date
  • iPod touch has passed 100 million units sold
  • iPad has passed 200 million units sold
  • iPhone has passed 500 million units sold
  • 130 million customers bought an iOS device in the past 12 months for the first time
  • iOS 7 has reached 89% share of the iOS installed base
  • 98% of the Fortune 500 companies use iOS
  • 1.2 million apps are available on the App Store
  • 300 million people visit the App Store every week
  • 75 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store
  • The latest version of Xcode has been downloaded over 14 million times
  • Touch ID is being used by over 83% of iPhone 5s customers
  • There are 4000 new developer APIs in the new iOS 8 SDK

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